Event Modeling and Processing in Business Process Management

Big Data stores, Sensors, and Cyber-Physical-Systems provide a huge and valuable source of event information for the execution, monitoring, and analysis of business processes. The workshop on Event Modeling and Processing in Business Process Management (EMoV2015) is aiming on problem statements, solution proposals and future development perspectives in the area of conceptual modeling of
  • events in business process models,
  • specifications for event-processing in business processes including event-based process execution, and
  • business intelligence analysis of events in relation to business processes.

EMoV2015 is targeting on new model paradigms, model extensions, execution platforms, and empirical studies in that area as well as concepts and methodologies for event-based business process execution. It is intended to bring together experts and interested persons from research as well as from industry that work in the domains of modeling, business process management, and event processing.